Embroidery Expressions
Policies and Declarations
Customer Acknowledgement Agreement
Embroidery Expressions takes great pride in producing quality machine embroidered goods. Goods purchased from Embroidery Expressions will be inspected for manufacturing flaws and defects prior to embroidery. Embroidery Expressions’ customers are responsible for selecting the correct size, color, and/or style of goods. Embroidery Expressions is not responsible if the customer has a change of mind or size. Order the color and style you want and the size you need.
Embroidery Expressions offers two forms of screen printing: Easy Prints and Direct Screen Printing. The direct garment printing is done by a local printer that has been in business for over 20 years. The Easy Prints Screen Printing is pressed in house using a Hotronix Press. We Do NOT Offer Contract Screen Printing Services: Screen Printing on Customer Supplied Goods.
3. Copyright Policy
Embroidery Expressions will not reproduce copyrighted material and cannot accept any liability for copyright infringement for agreeing to reproduce a customer’s design. Customer agrees to hold Embroidery Expressions free and harmless from all liability, and indemnify Embroidery Expressions for any loss, damage or injury, which Embroidery Expressions may suffer as a result of producing said design. The obligation of the customer shall extend to payment for all legal fees and other out-of-pocket costs incurred by Embroidery Expressions as a result of the reproduction of the design requested by the customer.
4. Order Confirmation: Sew-Out Approval / Waiver
Customers will be shown a sample sew out of their design prior to final embroidery on goods. Customers will sign a Sew-Out Approval Form stating the acceptance of the design (lettering,colors,placement) to be placed on goods. Customers may waive the Sew-Out Approval form by signing a Waiver of Sew-Out option. Embroidery Expressions is not responsible if customer changes design (lettering,colors,placement) after Sew-Out Approval or Waiver has been signed and design has been placed on goods. All customers, embroidery and/or screen printing, will receive an order confirmation that states the details of the order and a breakdown of the costs. Authorization to proceed either written or through e-mail will be a binding contract.
5. Payment
Embroidery Expressions requires a 50% nonrefundable deposit on orders over $100.00 with the remainder due upon delivery or pick up of embroidered goods. The following methods of payment will be accepted: company or individual check, money order, and/or cash. All returned checks are subject to a $20.00 handling charge to your account. The state of KY requires 6% sales tax be paid on merchandise, embroidery, and shipping. Embroidery Expressions shows shipping as a separate line charge. This is the cost of having the product shipped to Embroidery Expressions. Some Embroiderers add the shipping into the per. piece price; therefore, their customers may be subject to additional markup charges. Embroidery Expressions chooses to show customers a fair breakdown of all costs.Discount Percentage does not apply to shipping, up-size charge, set-up fees, or art work. The amount paid by Embroidery Expressions.
6. Returns
Due to the nature of our services, we are unable to issue refunds.
7. Washing & Care Instructions: Embroidery
3-D Foam: 3-D foam is mainly used on caps. It is not recommended that you laundry goods that contain 3-D foam. If you choose to laundry foam, use only cold water and let air dry to avoid shrinkage.
Garment Care: Follow garment care label. For best results, turn inside out and do not over dry when laundering. Before ironing, place a handkerchief, sheet or thin pillowcase over the embroidery to prevent scalding of thread. Due to varied water conditions and the effects of harsh detergents, bleach, hot water, and individual laundering, Embroidery Expressions makes no guarantee against fading, bleeding, shrinkage, or any other deterioration of garments or embroidery during or following laundering. Because cleaning methods and garment use are beyond my control, no warranty of length of service for wear, size, color stability, fabric strength, or embroidery condition after the product is used is offered or implied.
8. Washing & Care Instructions: Screen Printing
Always follow product care label. Screen Printed products should be washed in cool or warm water, NOT HOT. Launder your garment inside out to protect the screen printing. NEVER use Fabric Softener. It WILL breakdown the ink. Do not use BLEACH of ANY kind, not even the bleach that is supposedly safe for colors. Do not dry on High Heat. Because cleaning methods and garment use are beyond my control, no warranty of length of service for wear, size, color stability, fabric strength, or print condition after the product is used is offered or implied.
9. Limitation of Liability
Embroidery Expressions is not liable for personal, economic, or property damage arising from the sale, shipment, storage, handling or use of the goods. In no event will Embroidery Expressions be liable for any consequential damages (including, without limitation, loss of use or lost profits), or any damages suffered by any third party.

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I have read and agree to abide by Embroidery Expressions Policies and Declarations: Customer Acknowledgement Agreement. I hereby certify that I either own the copyright or am a licensed user of the logo / design. I agree to fully indemnify Embroidery Expressions against any cost, claim, judgements and or expense including attorney fees and damages related to the creation and embroidery or printing of said design.

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