Frequently Asked Questions

What is my minimum order?

No Minimum Order Required For Embroidery. Please See Screen Printing and/or Easy Print Information For Minimum Requirements.

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Do you have a chart of your embroidery charges?

Yes. Click on the Embroidery tab to view a list of Retail Embroidery Charges.

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How do I qualify for embroidery quantity pricing?

Our embroidery quantity pricing is based on the total number of items you purchase not the number of items per. design. We are one of the few shops with this policy. Click on the Embroidery tab to view embroidery pricing chart with quantity price breaks.

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How long does it take to process my order?

Our production schedule requires a turn-around time of 10-15 business days for most Embroidery and Easy Print orders. Custom Screen Print Orders have a turn-around time of 3-4 weeks. This can change, depending on the size of your order or our current workload.

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Some companies charge exorbitant shipping and delivery fees, what are your fees?

Embroidery Expressions shows shipping as a separate line charge. This is the cost of having your item shipped to Embroidery Expressions. Some embroiderers add the shipping into their per. piece price; therefore, their customer may be subjected to additional markup charges. We do not elevate our shipping fees. We charge exactly what UPS charges us, to ship the merchandise to our business. Special Note For Individual Orders: Shipping can be costly for single piece orders. For example, it may cost $5.95 to ship one cap and the same $5.95 to ship 10 caps. Save on shipping by combining your order with co-workers, friends, or family members.

Free Delivery within the city limits of Georgetown, Owenton, and Frankfort on orders over $200.00. A $5.00 delivery charge will be added to orders less than $200.00 or may be picked up on-site. We can also ship the merchandise to you.

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Are there any setup fees?

Unlike most embroidery shops, we do not charge any set-up fees for our embroidery.Please see Screen Printing for Set-up Fees.

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How do I get my design to Embroidery Expressions?

You can e-mail your JPG design to josborne35@msn.com
Please see Digitizing for the characteristics of a good design.

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Will you give me the stitch file on a disc?

Absolutely Not! The design belongs to you, but the stitch file belongs to Embroidery Expressions. I do not charge for digitizing and therefore the .erf file belongs to Embroidery Expressions. We will NOT reproduce or sell that file. You pay for the product and the stitch work not the embroidery file. If you want a stitch file on disc, you must hire and pay a digitizer. Please note: different embroidery machines require different stitch files. We use Barudan machines with .erf files.

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What if I don't have a design?

Visit our Catalogs for Dakota Collectibles designs . We can add custom text and change design colors to make the design your own.

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Do I supply the shirts, caps, etc. that I want embroidered?

No, Embroidery Expressions specializes in retail embroidery. You choose items from our online catalogs. We utilize many wholesalers and have a variety of product collections.

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Do colors match between different styles?

No. Generally speaking colors will not match 100% between different styles. Coloring of a garment may even change from batch to batch. A blue shirt purchased today may not match a blue shirt that you bought in the past. If you want exact color matching, it is important to place one single order choosing the same style and brand.

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Why does your business not take in customer supplied goods?

1. Damage Rate: There is a damage rate with embroidery of about 3%. While those odds are low for any one item, it does happen. Embroidery Expressions would prefer to be able to replace your garment quietly from one of our suppliers rather than have to come back to you, asking where you bought your garment. In a small community, one ruined product can ruin a quality reputation.

2. Time Consumption: It takes the same amount of time to type in a name, adjust, and send over to the embroidery machine as it does to send over a business design. The difference is most businesses are embroidering several garments with the same design. Personalization is usually different for each garment; thus, taking more time. Christmas is our busiest time of year. This is the time that most of our business level customers are ordering gifts for their employees. This is also the time most individuals want personalization; therefore, not allowing us the time we need to focus on those that are ordering products from us.

3. Profit Margins: We are a small embroidery business specializing in orders of fewer than 100 pieces. Therefore, the retail markup helps us sustain our business.

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Do you print college names or designs?

We do not embroider or print any college or university names as those are either trademarked or copyright protected. Yes, I understand that you will find small shops printing college designs. However, legally - they must purchase a license or have permission from the college or university to print. The penalty is a hefty fine and seizure of all equipment/ inventory. We will not print anything that is trademarked or has copyright protection without written permission.

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Can I embroider a large design on a t-shirt?

You can embroider a large design on a tee, but it is not recommended. The shirt is not heavy enough to support a design with a large amount of stitches. The design will look great when first sewn, but after being washed the tee will gather around the stitches causing a puckering of the fabric. Large designs are generally reserved for fleece, jackets, sweatshirts, bags, denim, etc.. I recommend left chest and/or right chest designs for tees or sport shirts.

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Do you offer screen printing or heat press services?

We specialize in embroidery; therefore, do not offer custom screen printing services in house. However, we outsource screen printing and because of our low-overhead we can be price competitive. We also are an authorized Easy Prints Dealer offering screen print transfer services. Please See Screen Printing and/or Easy Print for additional information on these services. We offer heat press services in-house.

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Do you create patches?

Sorry, we do not create patches. We can sew the patch design directly to your garment, but do not create patches to be heat pressed onto garments.

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What is a Sew-out Confirmation form or Waiver and why do I have to sign?

The sew-out confirmation form lists the exact merchandise that you are ordering, the details of the embroidery design, and a breakdown of the costs. It also states that you have been shown a sew-out sample and approve to have that design placed on the listed merchandise. The confirmation form is a protection for both you and Embroidery Expressions. You get a quality product at a fair price and we get paid. The waiver contains the same information as the sew-out confirmation. However, states that you are waiving your right to view a sew-out sample. You receive a copy of this confirmation or waiver for your records.

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What are your methods of payment?

Embroidery Expressions requires a 50% nonrefundable deposit on all orders over $100.00.

The following methods of payment will be accepted: company or individual check, money order, and/or cash. The sate of KY requires 6% sales tax be paid on merchandise, embroidery, and shipping.

(Text and Private Images on All Pages are NOT to be copied without written permission. © Embroidery Expressions of Kentucky)

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