What can machine embroidery do for you...

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Business owners can promote a professional image, recognize top performers,and create company awareness all with embroidered apparel.

Schools and boosters organizations often use embroidered goods to promote specific events, reward accomplishments, and as key components in their fundraising programs.

Churches, clubs, and organizations can create awareness and group identity using embroidered apparel.

Individuals often use embroidery to personalize gifts, add fun or whimsy, reinforce pride, express individuality, and foster ownership.

Embroidery Expressions specializes in retail embroidery with left chest designs on sportshirts being our most popular type of embroidery. However, we embroider in various locations on a variety of materials:
caps, jackets, shirts, fleece, sweatshirts, towels, aprons, bags, and blankets. We do not embroider on customer supplied goods of any kind as the product must be purchased from us.
For More Information On Why We Do Not Embroider On Customer Supplied Goods See Our FAQ Page.

There is no minimum embroidery order, but orders fewer than 6 pieces will incur a $12.80 small order s/h charge. This does not apply to in-stock school spirit wear.

Minimum Production Schedule: 10-15 working days upon receipt of PO or 50% deposit, Art Approval & Order Confirmation Approval. The specific turn-around time will be determined at the time your order is placed based on our current production schedule. If you are looking to have your project done before two weeks, Embroidery Expressions is probably not the shop for you as each order is given specific attention and we stay 2 weeks booked.

Estimate The Stitch Count

Emb. Location Design Size Stitch Count
Left Chest 2 x 3 8,000
Left Chest 2 x 4 10,000
Center Chest 5 x 7 20,000
Back 8 x 10 40,000
Cap 2.25 x 4.00 8,000

Designs will vary in stitch counts based on product material and design
complexity.The above numbers are only to be used as a general guideline.

Embroidery Expressions RETAIL Price List

Minimum Embroidery Charge: $3.00
We Do Not Accept Customer Supplied Goods For Embroidery Of ANY Design
Including Personalization. The product must be purchased from us.

Price Per. Piece
Stitches 1-11 Pcs. 12-35 Pcs. 36-74 Pcs. 75+ Pcs.
5,000 $4.00 $3.50 $3.25 $3.00
6,000 $4.50 $3.95 $3.65 $3.35
7,000 $5.00 $4.40 $4.05 $3.70
8,000 $5.50 $4.85 $4.45 $4.05
9,000 $6.00 $5.30 $4.85 $4.40
10,000 $6.50 $5.75 $5.25 $4.75
11,000 $7.00 $6.20 $5.65 $5.10
12,000 $7.50 $6.65 $6.05 $5.45
Per. Add. Thousand $0.50 $0.45 $0.40 $0.35

Business Level 4th Column Pricing applies to all businesses using the same logo & thread color on all orders regardless of size.

Large Design Costs 1-11 Pcs.

Price Per. Piece
20,000 Stitches=$11.5030,000 Stitches=$16.5040,000 Stitches=$21.50
50,000 Stitches=$26.5060,000 Stitches=$31.5070,000 Stitches=$36.50
80,000 Stitches=$41.5090,000 Stitches=$46.50100,000 Stitches=$51.50

Name Drop Charge

Stitches Letter Height Stitch Type 1-11 Pcs. 12-35 Pcs. 36-59 Pcs. 60-72 Pcs.
Small Name Drop: .50" Satin Stitch $5.00 $4.50 $4.00 $3.50
Medium Name Drop: 1.0" Satin Stitch$10.00
Large Name Drop: 1.5" Step Satin with Satin Outline$15.00

Name Drop is to be used for personalization only. Lettering Size will vary depending on the total number of characters stitched.



Digitizing is the process of taking your logo or design and converting it to a format understood by computerized embroidery equipment.

Embroidery Expressions uses Barudan's TES software for the creation and editing of embroidery designs and lettering. File Type .ERF or .FDR

Designs will be imported into our embroidery software; therefore, should have the following characteristics:

▪ All design elements should have an actual outline and fill.
▪ The image should have clean lines with smooth edges.
▪ The image should be close in size to the actual sew-out.

PLEASE NOTE: Faxed or photocopied images usually do not scan well due to the variation in tones. Colors may be labeled using a second page. Designs may be e-mailed in JPG format. Please save your design as a web file before sending for the purpose of decreasing the file size.Design Images Are The Property Of The Individual Consumer And Cannot Be Reproduced Without Said Permission. If you wish to have Embroidery Expressions reproduce a brand logo or trademark design, we require a written authorization from an authorized agent for the brand logo or trademark design prior to embroidery. Embroidery Expressions will not reproduce copyrighted material and cannot accept any liability for copyright infringement for agreeing to reproduce a customer’s design.



Applique is the process of cutting pieces of fabric and sewing them to a garment. The edges of fabric are sewn satin stitch, diamond, rope, straight, or zig-zag.

Applique is often associated with sports teams and placed on sweatshirts, jackets, and uniforms.We do not specialize in individual applique orders.
All applique designs are special order of 15 or more pieces.